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Introduction To  Reasons Why
Coworking Office Space Is Best For You

Coworking office space ready to go, with no need for start up expenses or long term leases.


1. All-inclusive work space

If you’ve never run your own business before, or if you’re still in the early stages of starting one up, this type of shared office space is a great way to get started. There are no long-term leases to sign and no initial set-up expenses—you just pay your monthly fee and voila! You have an instant office with everything included.

Coworking Spaces

This type of shared office space typically includes desks for each person, as well as other furniture such as meeting rooms or private offices. Often there will be some sort of kitchen area with a fridge that members can use for storing food and drinks. The building may also have things like printers available for members’ use—or perhaps it has its own printer room where multiple printers can be accessed by any member who needs them (and they are generally free).

2. Business address

Your home address is also your business address, so you won’t need to worry about finding a new place to receive mail and packages. However, if you want a separate phone number for your home-based business, it’s easy to set that up with Google Voice or another service provider.

Just remember that the phone number will be linked with the rest of your personal information when someone calls it, so it’s important that you only give out this number when necessary (for example: don’t give out this number on your website).

3. Internet

Internet access is a huge part of doing business in the 21st century. Our office spaces come with fast internet speeds and Wi-Fi to keep you connected. This way, you can be sure that your employees are getting the most out of their time at work and using tools like video conferencing or remote access software to communicate with each other or your customers.

Coworking Office Space

4. Admin support

  • Admin support: You need to be able to get your business up and running as quickly as possible, and having an admin team on hand will make that happen.
  • Team support: Your employees are the engine that drives your company. They should have the tools they need to work effectively at all hours of day or night, wherever they happen to be.
  • Client support: As a startup, you’ll want high-quality customer service right from the start—and if you can’t provide it yourself yet, there’s no shame in outsourcing!

5. Access to member events

You’ll have access to a range of events, including our all-new Member Meetup Series! We’ll help you find and join the right ones for you. You can also host your own event or join our community manager at one of her many events, like:

6. Office equipment and supplies

Most of the items you’ll need to buy for your office are fairly straightforward.

  • Desk and chair: Whether you want a simple wooden desk and a comfortable swivel chair or something more modern, these are something you really can’t go wrong with.
  • Printer/fax machine: Your printer is important for printing off contracts, invoices, etc., while your fax machine will allow clients or suppliers to send documents over in an old school way (as opposed to emailing them).
  • Scanner: Most offices will have some sort of scanner so that they can scan drawings or images onto digital files that can then be printed out as required.
  • Paper: You’ll also need plenty of paper so that employees have enough to use when printing things out from their computers or copying documents on their printers. The same goes for envelopes—you’ll want plenty of those too!
  • Shredder : A shredder allows employees in an office setting to dispose of confidential information securely by shredding it into tiny pieces before putting it into their recycling bins at home each night after work! They’re essential if someone leaves an important document lying around somewhere where others could find it easily (like on top of their desks). This could lead people outside our company knowing about what we’re working on next year.”

7. Ready to go office space, with no need for start up expenses or long term leases

Ready to go office space is a great option for people who are just getting started, looking for coworking or want to run a business on their own. Ready to go office spaces typically come with everything you need, from furniture and equipment to utilities and internet access. You can get ready to go office space in an office building, in an individual suite, at a coworking space or shared workspace like WeWork, NextSpace or other incubators. In addition to providing your business with minimal overhead costs and flexible contracts that allow you more time to focus on growing your company rather than worrying about leasing issues or maintenance difficulties associated with traditional leases.


There are many benefits of a coworking space, not the least of which is that you don’t need to spend money on start up costs or long term leases. With everything included in your membership fee, all you have to do is show up and get down to work!